All About Lil Wayne ♥


1 Full Name?
2 Born[2009]?
3 How did he get shot in 1997?
4 What group did he join in 1997
5 What is the name of his first solo album?
6 Lil Wayne is the founder of what Record Label?
7 What song do these lyrics come from: "But anyway I think you're bionic & i dont think your beautiful i think your beyond it."
8 Why did Wayne Drop the "D"
9 Who is Lil Waynes "father"?
10 What is his daughters name?
11 What street did he grow up on?
12 Which artist is not signed to Young Money Entertainment.
13 Lil Wayne began rapping at the age of __.
14 Lil Waynes ex-wife' s name is?
15 What animated series did he star in?