Music Quiz. only for those who are good.

This quiz has some of each type of music including some pop, country, rock, and metal. this is to challange and see how well you know each one. "Good Luck"

1 What band sings Kryptonite
2 What song did coldplay sing
3 In transformers 2, Revenge of the fallen, what song did Linkin Park make for it?
4 Skillet has been known for there various songs. which one is theres. There is more then one of there songs listed. choose one only.
5 Through the fire and flames is a song sang by what band?
6 Which song is AC/DC's?
7 What Artist sings Jizz in my pants.
8 The Country song wild at heart is sang by who?
9 The song "No Air" is sang by who?
10 Maroon 5 sang what song?