How in love are you ?
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How in love are you ?

Find out if you're really in love or its just lust . How in love with him/her are you ?

1. How much time do you spend with him/her ?
2. How often is he/she on your mind ?
3. Do you two have inside jokes that nobody else knows ?
4. Would you take a bullet for him/her ?
5. how long have you two been together ?
6. love or money ?
7. Something you have been waiting to buy goes on sale , but just for the day . Tomorrow is his/her birthday though . Do you spend the money on yourself or his/her bday present ?
8. What would be the perfect date with them ?
9. Do you remember little details about this person ? for ex. there smell , the type of shampoo they use , their different smiles ..
10. Have you met any of his/her family members ?