How well do you know the History of Australia?

How much do you know about the history of the Land Down Under? This quiz focus' on the period between Federation and the end of World War II

1 Who was Australia's first Prime Minister?
2 Which of the following are all previous names of the Liberal Party of Australia?
3 The Gallipoli Landing occured during which war?
4 Who was the PM during the majority of WW1 and which Party did he belong to?
5 Which of the following is the policy of the Bruce-Page Government?
6 Which Major World Wide Event occured in the same month as the election of James Scullin as PM?
7 Who was the New South Wales Premier during the Depression?
8 Why did Australia enter World War Two?
9 Which of the following are the three Prime Minister's During World War Two?
10 Which of the following has NOT been Australia's enemy in war?
11 According to the consitution, which office does not exist?
12 Which State gave up the Northern Territory to the Federal Government?
13 What is the name given to the national holiday celebrating the Gallipoli Landing?