Are You a 90's Kid?

This is for people who grew up in the 90's If You Remember these then you are a real 90's Kid. If You Was Born Later Than 1992 then You Probly Wont Remember these and dnt bother taking the quizz coz your not a 90's kid.

1 You Knew the "Fresh Prince Of Bel Air" Rap By Heart
2 You remember SM:TV Live and Diggit at the weekends
3 You Remember the Smurfs!
4 You Had a plastic Lunch Box With a picture on the front and thought you were "cool"
5 You Remember slap Bracelets
6 You Remember the power Rangers!
7 You Remember When Jelly Shoes were Popular!!
8 You Remember When Rubix cubes first came out!
9 You Remember Super Nintendo's!
10 You Used To Collect Tazo's or Pogz
11 You Used To Listen To Tapes Not CD'S
12 You Remember Watching "Saved By The Bell"
13 You Had a Giga-Pet (now called Tamagotchi)
14 You Remember Collecting Beanie Babies!
15 You Used To Say......"Talk To The Hand!"
16 Everyone Wanted a Paystation
17 You Watched Videos and Not DVD'S
18 You Remember Walkman's
19 You Remember PLaying HopScotch!
20 You Remember Hula-Hoops!
21 You Remember Being Scared Of Scar And Crying When Mufasa Died in the Lion King!
22 You Remember watching "Hey! Arnold"
23 You Remember Watching Keenan & Kel ( Kel Loves Orange Soda! I do, I do, I do oo!)
24 You Remember Watching "Mr Benn"
25 You remember watching Rupet!