Dota quiz beeeee ... :))

easy lng kya niu yan ..xD

1 Cooldown of Devour (Lvl 3)
2 Bonus damage given by refresher orb ..
3 Fading time of moonlight shadow(Mirana)Lvl 3
4 Total Cost of dagon 5
5 3rd skill of bristleback(Rigwarl)
6 Maximum energy charges that Magic wand can collect ..
7 On the minimap, there is a large red dot that corresponds to a particularly large, neutral creature. What is the name of this guy?
8 when activated, Nathrezim Buckler can give how many bonus armor to its allies ??
9 Which of these heroes has a -1 armor ?(at the start of the game)
10 Last question, Ogre Magi's last skill is Multi - cast. Which of these effects is NOT true ??