Dota quiz beeeee ... :))
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Dota quiz beeeee ... :))

easy lng kya niu yan ..xD

1. Cooldown of Devour (Lvl 3)
2. Bonus damage given by refresher orb ..
3. Fading time of moonlight shadow(Mirana)Lvl 3
4. Total Cost of dagon 5
5. 3rd skill of bristleback(Rigwarl)
6. Maximum energy charges that Magic wand can collect ..
7. On the minimap, there is a large red dot that corresponds to a particularly large, neutral creature. What is the name of this guy?
8. when activated, Nathrezim Buckler can give how many bonus armor to its allies ??
9. Which of these heroes has a -1 armor ?(at the start of the game)
10. Last question, Ogre Magi's last skill is Multi - cast. Which of these effects is NOT true ??