How Much Do you know about the armed forces

Take the quiz to see if you know ANYTHING about UK Armed Forces

1 What is the general weapon used by British Forces
2 What is the RAF's [PRESENT] VTOL Aircraft
3 What is the tank used by the British forces
4 What Does S.A.S. stand for
5 The Eurofighter Typhoon is produced by which company
6 What Is The Most Common Ammo Type Used By British Forces
7 Name 3 services in order of seniority
8 What Was the RAF called before it was granted the name Royal Air Force
9 What Regiment Specialises In Parachuting
10 Where Is The RAF's Hercules Fleet Kept
11 What Colour Beret Does The SAS Wear
12 What's The RAF's [FUTURE] VTOL Aircraft
13 At Which RAF Base Is the Eurofighter Typhoon Kept
14 The Main British Forces Troop Transport Helicopter Is...
15 The Weapon Of Choice Used By UKSF is...
16 The Royal Navy's Flagship Is....
17 In The Army, The Highest NCO rank is...
18 Who Specialise In Amphibious Assault And Artic Warfare
19 What Is The Royal Navy's Equivalent Rank To 'Sergeant'
20 The Apache AH-64 Gunship Is Flown By Wich Regiment?
21 What Vechicle Is Critisized for It's Poor Armour And Lack Of Protection For Troops Against IED's
22 What Sised Engine Does and Challenger 2 Have and How Much BHp Does It Produce
23 The Challenger 2 Is Equipted With What Size Of Shell, And What Is It's Effective Range
24 The Hercules C130-J Is Used For What?