Which Robert Davis poem are you?
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Which Robert Davis poem are you?

This is a quiz to find out wich of the poems I have written, best fits you.

1. You've been dating someone for quite sometime now, but then he/she breaks up with you out of no where...what do you do?
2. Your best friend of 16 years has a HUGE party, but dosn't invite you. You
3. You find out that all of your friends have kept a secret from you that they knew would hurt you and you had to find out from some other person you don't even know. What do you do?
4. You just find out the only reason your mom has decided to begin seeing you again after being gone for 4 years is because she needed money and she wanted to claim 50% on her taxes. You?
5. You are forced to take care of your little brother/sister, basicly become his parent. Without pay. you?
6. For christmas your little brother/sister gets a brand new bike, and a playstation 3. You get your dads handme down shirt, some plastic bags for "doggie patrole" in the yard, and some school supplies. you
7. Your grandfather calls you an ungratful asshole, after you refuse to wish you dad a "happy fathers day" even though he knows your father dosnt deserve it...you?