How Well Do You Know The Jonas Brothers?

Think you know the Jonas Brothers. Find out in the ultimate Jonas Brothers quiz.

1 How many Jonases are there?
2 What are the names of every Jonas?
3 What are each Jonases age?
4 What is the name of their very first album?
5 When Joe cut his hand what song were they singing, where were they singing, and what is the date of when it happened?
6 What does Joe like to listen to before bed?
7 Does Kevin like fruit?
8 Nick has a special talent besides singing, what is it?
9 One brother has a medical problem, who is it and what is it?
10 Who started the Jonas Brothers and how were they discovered?
11 What band do the Jonas Brothers get compared to?
12 Was their song Mandy inspired by a real person?
13 If Joe could what era would he go back to?
14 True or False Joe can't live without coffee?
15 Kevin believes in what?
16 What do they wear on their finger?
17 What is Joe's favorite animal?
18 What is the name of Frankie's band?
19 Do you think you did good on this test?