how well do you know helloween lyrics? JUST COMPLETE THESE LYRICS

1 Gorgar will eat you, Gorgar - man you'll never win
2 The life I try to give is all I have inside of me it's one kind of life for me this music you hear the strength we have inside is so much more than you will know but if you can't see the life around
3 Deep inside of me - I know there's got to be, A different kind of truth - that sets the sprit free.
4 Tell me, pretty girl, do you know who I am?
5 My sweetest memories die in the cold
6 Push, enforce your independence
7 If I could fly Like the king of the sky
8 You'll change my dream You'll guide my way to be
9 Time will be a turning wheel We shove or retard Time will a toy Time we will enjoy
10 FINAL QUESTION: the fourth key belongs into the sea of greed and the fifth into the sea of ignorance