What harry potter (teen) couple you are..........?

Go ahead n try this quiz guys n girls!!!!!!!!!! n check out which of the wizardry couples do you'll fit into................... N answer frankly n try not to go by the boo to get a specific answer coz it is a bit tricky..................

1 How did you'll get to know each other?
2 How did You'll meet up?
3 How serious is the relatinship? (how do you take it?)
4 Did you find it difficult to stick around the other before going out together?
5 How did it start?(first kiss)
6 Did you'll ever figth over anything before going out together?
7 Wil you step away from him/her if you think the relationship would cause problems to either of you?
8 Wl you feel jealous if you see the other hanging out with someone else?
9 Is she/he the only one who has crossed your mind so seriously?