What sort of Colonial officer are you?
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What sort of Colonial officer are you?

Battlestar Galactica fans test your knowledge of colonial military procedure in various fields and see how long you could last in the fleet!!!!

1. As an officer you are charged with defending what?
2. when a person is refered to as a 'knuckledragger' what is their job?
3. A Cylon Basestar has just jumped outside of weapons range, you are the senior ranking officer in CIC what do you do?
4. you recieve confirmation that a cylon has planted a nuke aboard a fleet ship so you order the fleet to spread out minimising the fallout. How far do you spread the civilians from each other?
5. what does a mission designated '2 ALPHA' entail?
6. every flying machine (baseship, battlestar etc) has four basic controls, which is not one of them?
7. your Viper has been locked onto by a cylon missile in combat there are five basic steps you must take to avoid being blown away, which is the final step?
8. pick the better ship?
9. every Colonial Battlestar is controlled from CIC what does 'CIC' stand for?
10. what is the job of the 'CAP'