How well do you know me?
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How well do you know me?

Percentage-based quiz with 20 questions...

1. #1 (Easy Physical) My Eye Colour?
2. #2 (Easy Physical) My Hair Colour?
3. #3 (Easy Physical) Feet Size?
4. #4 (Hard Physical) Birthmark?
5. #5 (Easy History) Primary School, first letter?
6. #6 (Easy History) What week into secondary school did I become ill?
7. #7 (Easy History) Name a previous, or current ;) girlfriend
8. #8 (Easy History) One of my two school play characters in years 5 & 6 (Grease or Robin Hood)
9. #9 (Hard History) First ever computer game?
10. #10 (Hard History) First ever pokemon card?
11. #11 (Easy State-of-mind) Thing I look for in a girl?
12. #12 (Easy State-of-mind) Favourite warhammer? (Don't worry, you can, guess there are some points for most of them!)
13. #13 (Easy State-of-mind) Most scared of?
14. #14 (Easy State-of-mind)Why is 1308 my favourite number?
15. #15 (Hard State-of-mind) What are the three words most imporant to me?
16. #16 (Hard State-of-mind) What is my favourite line, ever, in a song?
17. #17 (Easy Deep) My favourite bible verse?
18. #18 (Easy Deep) My favourite book of the bible?
19. #19 (Easy Deep) What's the best part about being single?
20. #20 (Hard Deep) Lastly, what do I think is the truest saying I have ever heard?