How much do you know about Lil Wayne?

Ultimate Lil' Wayne Quiz

1 What is Lil' Wayne's real name?
2 When was Lil' Wayne born? (think of how old he is)
3 He himself claims to be what?
4 At what age did he start writing his own lyrics?
5 What did Lil' Wayne do to get Birdman's attention?
6 What was the name of Wayne's first solo album?
7 Lil' Wayne has been shot twice, when?where?
8 What has Lil' Wayne admitted to?
9 "Syrup sippin nigga", What does he mean by this?
10 Originally why was he arrested?
11 I Buy a pound, break it down,......
12 What does he have tattooed on the inside of his bottom lip?
13 What is officially finished but he is waiting to release? (as of right now Oct, 2009)
14 Money spread like germs,...
15 see you can smell that I___ and yup I sip that____ ,hit me with dat combination and......
16 When starting to get real famous who did he personally say "fuck you" to?
17 How many baby mommas does Wayne have? (no true answer, but what is rumored)
18 What album went gold the very first day?
19 What does the 4 tear drops on his face represent?
20 What is Lil' Waynes daughter's name? (tattooed on both fore arms)