How well do you know Tammy?
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How well do you know Tammy?


1. At this present time, what's my favourite song?
2. How many times have I failed my driving test? AHAHA!
3. I wish I had..
4. Is going to become a..
5. What's my dream car?
6. What's the best combination that tickles my fancy?
7. My most favouritetest place is..
8. Surely, you would know why I have created this quiz.
9. Everything I'm not made me everything I am.
10. What's my favourite pillow?
11. My FAVOURITE PS3 game is..
12. RREF([[a,b,c,y],[e,f,g,z]])
13. When I go into Nando's what's the basting I get?
14. My favourite TV show is..
15. If I had to do something to Mercy College/teachers, it would be..