How well do u know FourPeeGee

L2read the name baddie

1 Whos the Frist Person to leave a game
2 What game dasnt work at 4pg
3 Who works at Four pee GEEE
4 Who ults creeps
5 wats the hardest boss Not to fail at
6 How many names das tung have
7 Who das Blizzard hate the most
8 Wat dasnt Karlos Know
9 When is dota night
10 When u join a online dota game Wat most likely to happen
11 Who has spent the most money at the Pg
12 Wat are ya
13 WHos the best Disenchater
14 whos the best farmer
15 How many times has adam rerolled
16 How many account has fosta had
17 wat happen to the 4pg tv