Which Political Party You Belong?

This quiz tells u.which political party u belong by checking ur mentality and ideology.

1 Which Ideology You Support?
2 You Support Gandhi Dynasty?
3 Ram Mandir Should Be Constructed On The Disputed Site?
4 Who Is The Most Powefull Candidate Of Becoming Prime Minister In 2014?
5 Which Party Thinks For The Poors Of The Country?
6 Rahul Gandi Going And Residing In Dalit's Home!Is A Political Stunt?
7 Which Party Have Better Leaders?
8 Is This Rite!Categroizing All Indian in General,ST,SC,OBC and Minorties?
9 Is This The Time To Remove Special Rights That Jammu Kashmir Enjoyes Under The Contitution Under Act 370?Which Is The Most Trouble Some State For The Country?
10 Should Word"Reservation"Shuld Be Removed From The Constituion?