What fruit are you?
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What fruit are you?

in this quiz there will be around 10 questions, & all u have to do is answer them, at the end of the quiz, your result will be published on your wall, (unless u dont want it to, in which case; u click, do not publish) im only making this for a bit of fun, so dont take it seriously. x

1. what is your favourite colour?
2. do u listen to music?
3. are u closer to ur mom or dad?
4. what type of personality would u say, fits u best..
5. do u have more friends or enemies? -_-
6. are u a morning person, or an evening person?
7. do u eat a lot of fruit?
8. if u saw a lost toddler in the street, what would u do?
9. do u like animals?
10. what subject is your strongest out of these..
11. do u have any animals?
12. do u have a fruit bowl in your kitchen?
13. how many people live in ur house?