Do You Know Blink 182 and Angels & Airwaves lyrics

These are just simple one or two lines of lyrics from Blink or AVA and I'll let you know which band, so all you have to do is guess the song.

1 AVA: If you're gonna fall, I'll let you know, that I will pick you up, like you for I
2 AVA: The stars in the sky illuminate below, The light is a sign that love will guide you home
3 AVA: And the houses, laid out like targets, With a deafening sound, we watched them all go down
4 AVA: You know I won't say sorry, You know I won't say sorry, The pain has a bad reaction, A blend of fear and passion
5 AVA: I will run the streets and hostile lands, I will touch the rain with all I have
6 AVA: Stars fall like dust, our lips will touch, we speak too much
7 AVA: It's like the best dream to have, Where everything is not so bad, And every tear is so alone, Like God himself is coming home to say ...
8 Blink: And when the day ends, I'm sure she feels sorrow
9 Blink: And as I stared I counted, The webs from all the spiders, Catching things and eating their insides
10 Blink: Break a window and bust a wall, Making fun of your friend's mom
11 Blink: My mind wanders as I'm trying not to fall in love with you, 'Cause every time I wake I ponder on my mistakes of what I said, It is always my esteem that I must lose, Playing those stupid games as I always end up chasing you
12 Blink: She smokes a dozen and he doesn't seem to notice the smell, He took the seat off his own bike because the way that it felt
13 Blink: Up all night long, And there's something very wrong, And I know it must be late, Been gone since yesterday
14 Blink: Cover up the scars, Put on your game face, Left you in a bar, To try and save space
15 Bonus Question--Band and Song: Her dreams went out the door, When she turned 24, Only been with one man, What happened to her plan