What ancient warrior are you?

True test of strength , Power and intellligence see how you rank up out of the many anicent heros that stalk our history books today.

1 You must enter a battle against and unknown oponnent. You know that your enemys come in vast numbers beyond thoughts. However without a confrentation sparta would fall what do you do?
2 You are forced into battle and are told to grab your gear what weapon is of your choice?
3 Your allied town needs your urgent assistance or will fall to your enemys. However sending troops leaves your town more open to attacks. What do you do?
4 You are asked into a variety of forces. Which one do you join?
5 Who is the greatest leader?
6 You are fighting for your life on the frontline. Many of your friends and neighbours are with you when your enemy arrive in vast numbers and your troops start fleeing. What do you do?
7 Your wife has given birth to your new son. At the right age he will need training how would you train him?