How much of a PIMP are you?
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How much of a PIMP are you?

by taking this test you can see if u are not only a PIMP but also if u know what it takes in bed..

1. What is a typical night?
2. Are you a virgin?
3. Where is a mans G-spot?
4. what is the odd one out?
5. wat is a good haul at a party?
6. what is cunninlingus?
7. Keep your PIMP hand....
8. how long is the average male orgasm?
9. is female ejaculation a myth?
10. bondage is?
11. what is a MILF?
12. a blumpkin is...
13. sex is biochemically no dif from ...
14. where is it cheaper to buy a prostitute then to buy a condom? (serious)
15. what is reproducing without sex called?
16. are u a pimp?
17. the greatest number of children had is ..