How well do you know Roseanne

Find out how well you know the Roseanne show!

1 What is Roseanne's last name on the show
2 What was Arnie's middle name on the show?
3 What does D-J stand for?
4 In season 1 who did Becky meet out by the garage?
5 Who was Becky's first Boy friend?
6 What was the name of Roseanne's neighbor whom she didnt like?
7 In what season does jackie get pregnant?
8 What is the address to the Conner home?
9 What promps Jackie to become a trucker?
10 What did Dan give Darlean on her wedding day?
11 What happened to Crystals first husband?
12 What is the first few words in the theme song?
13 Who rear ends Roseanne?