How Well Do You Know The Sims?
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How Well Do You Know The Sims?

Everything/anything Sims! (Not just on Sims 3)

1. What was the very first Sims expansion pack?
2. How many "Stuff Packs" were released for the Sims 2?
3. Who conceived the Sims series?
4. Who is the publisher of the Sims games?
5. Which family founded Sunset Valley?
6. Who are the first sims we meet?
7. Mrs. Crumplebottom is...
8. In the original Sims, you could WooHoo...
9. The online sitcom "Strangerhood" was made in the Sims 2. Who made it?
10. In Sims 2, if someone drowned...
11. Which of the following was NOT a Sims spin off?
12. A running joke in loading scroll text is...
13. The Sims team's favourite:
14. The freezer bunny first appeared:
15. Bella Goth was NOT:
16. The tragic clown...
17. Alexander Goth appears first:
18. Santa Claus appears in...
19. An aspiration you CANNOT have in The Sims 2 is:
20. Go out on the town for the first time in: