How Well Do You Know The Sims?

Everything/anything Sims! (Not just on Sims 3)

1 What was the very first Sims expansion pack?
2 How many "Stuff Packs" were released for the Sims 2?
3 Who conceived the Sims series?
4 Who is the publisher of the Sims games?
5 Which family founded Sunset Valley?
6 Who are the first sims we meet?
7 Mrs. Crumplebottom is...
8 In the original Sims, you could WooHoo...
9 The online sitcom "Strangerhood" was made in the Sims 2. Who made it?
10 In Sims 2, if someone drowned...
11 Which of the following was NOT a Sims spin off?
12 A running joke in loading scroll text is...
13 The Sims team's favourite:
14 The freezer bunny first appeared:
15 Bella Goth was NOT:
16 The tragic clown...
17 Alexander Goth appears first:
18 Santa Claus appears in...
19 An aspiration you CANNOT have in The Sims 2 is:
20 Go out on the town for the first time in: