A realistic How well do you know Nick Haun

Unlike "How well Do you know Nick Haun" this only has questions with one right answer

1 What is my full name?
2 When is my birthday?
3 What is my favorite tv show?
4 Which is not one of my favorite music artists? (Which isn't on my iPod)
5 Which is not my favortie song by the artist?
6 Am I in a sport? (If yes select correct one)
7 What is my favorite color?
8 What is my favorite anime?
9 What (if any) foreign lang. do i take?
10 What is my favorite App on Facebook?
11 Who is my current girlfriend?
12 Who is my favorite Comedian
13 What is my favorite date?
14 My best friend is
15 People i really hate are listed here, who should not be here?
16 What am I afraid of?