What Kind Pepsi are You?

This quiz uses amazingly accurate answer-to-Pepsi converting technology to pinpoint where you are on the Pepsi product scale.

1 You are at school. A random kid you don't know comes up to you and asks if you want to hang out. This is an opportunity to make new friends... well?
2 You are at a party. This girl is all over you but it's obvious she is hammered beyong belief. You...
3 You wake up after a party at your house. Your parents will be home in mere moments and you have enough time to throw out 1 set of leftovers. What will it be?
4 Your parents come home. Guess what, you had a party and no one cleaned up. Well?
5 Your iPod got stolen. The guy admits to taking it. You...
6 Some dude punches you in the face. What the Pepsi are you gonna do about it?
7 Ok. Last question. Hookers, Hooters, or Pepsi.