What Kind Pepsi are You?
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What Kind Pepsi are You?

This quiz uses amazingly accurate answer-to-Pepsi converting technology to pinpoint where you are on the Pepsi product scale.

1. You are at school. A random kid you don't know comes up to you and asks if you want to hang out. This is an opportunity to make new friends... well?
2. You are at a party. This girl is all over you but it's obvious she is hammered beyong belief. You...
3. You wake up after a party at your house. Your parents will be home in mere moments and you have enough time to throw out 1 set of leftovers. What will it be?
4. Your parents come home. Guess what, you had a party and no one cleaned up. Well?
5. Your iPod got stolen. The guy admits to taking it. You...
6. Some dude punches you in the face. What the Pepsi are you gonna do about it?
7. Ok. Last question. Hookers, Hooters, or Pepsi.