What Kind Of Vagina Are You?

We are all individuals and have different Vaginas, even if you have a penis, you still have a vagina hiding somewhere within you. Now you have the chance to find out what kind of vagina you are in a englightening quiz ;)

1 If you were turned into a cake by a wizard.. but you got to choose what cake you wanted to be.. u'd be a...
2 Tommysexybody turns to you and you..
3 You've been locked in a room for a few hours by sadistic sammy so you...
4 You are having dan paint your feature wall of your bedroom tomorrow, the colour is
5 He just went offline and you want to hit him, but you cant because he will dislike you.. so you
6 Two guys are in a bathroom and helping each other get dressed for their outing..
7 When i say jump you say..
8 What?
9 Whyy?
10 I believe
11 Bbl currently watching
12 Your hungry, your pie is in the microwave.. u want it now so you
13 Why is that whore annoying?
15 What kind of vagina would you like to be..