dyosisistah quiz
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dyosisistah quiz

Dito matetest ang memory,talino at galing nyo sa PATHOPHYSIOLOGY AT PHYSIOLOGY.. maging dyosa ka kaya?haha.. lets see!XD

1. 1. what is a disease wherein there is constriction in the esophagus that causes infection?
2. 2. what is the type of diabetes wherein there is an absolute lack of insulin?
3. 3. what is the reason why a person who has CHRONIC RENAL FAILURE has the possibility to have osteoporosis?
4. 4. it releases epinephrine and norepinephrine
5. 5. what is ADDISON'S DISEASE?
6. 6. another name for ANGINA PECTORIS
7. 7. which of the following is correctly matched?