What decent 8C bloke are you?
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What decent 8C bloke are you?

Want to find out what 8C bloke you really are? Are you ripped like Slewin or are you a nknow-it-all like Sam O'Connor. Take the test, your garanteed an accurate answer?

1. Are you a big or small unit? (muscly or weak)
2. What is your favorite sport?
3. What do you say more often?
4. How well respected are you?
5. Of these, which one's ar more like you.
6. Who is your favorite singer?
7. How often do you complete your work in class?
8. At the moment, what are you doing?
9. What do you do in your own time?
10. Do you have neat handwriting?
11. What type of bachground do you come from?