Yet Another Zombie Survival Quiz

Find out what kind of survivor you are, based on the game concept "EnDays"

1 The world has been turned upside down, your home town is host to gibbering madmen with a penchant for murder! What is your first reaction?
2 You meet a suvivor, someone you hated back before all this happens. What do you do?
3 You've been bitten! You don't know what will happen, what do you do?
4 You see a group of Zombies, but they haven't seen you. What do you do?
5 You favored weapon is?
6 The obligatory question for any Zombie quiz. Would you ever consider sex with a Zombie?
7 Where woudl you sleep?
8 What do you use for transport?
9 What makes a good leader?
10 Most likely way to die?