Call of Duty Trivia
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Call of Duty Trivia

It tells what you know about COD.

1. In MW2, what special ops mission could bring you back to Bloc, from Modern Warfare?
2. On what map pack has the map that features an arcade with the classic call of duty game?
3. How many points must you obtain in order to win a normal Team Deathmatch?
4. What is the final word in Modern Warfare 2?
5. Which of the following guns do you unlock last at level 55 (Commander)?
6. At what prestige do you unlock golden weapons in Call of Duty Black Ops?
7. Which Modern Warfare map is featured in the Stimulus map pack?
8. What is Captain Price's full name?
9. How many lifter stations are in Ascension?
10. What is Captain Price's first words to Soap?