How well do you know MJ?


1 What song is this lyric from, A Willow Deeply Scarred, Somebody's Broken Heart And A Washed-Out Dream
2 What 2 mj songs mention billie jean?
3 What song is this lyrics from?I said don't mind, but what do you mean I am the one Who will dance on the floor in the round
4 Who introduced the JACKSON 5?
5 What is MJ'S home called?
6 Who cowrote the song the girl is mine?
7 Workin Day n nite is from what album
8 Who was not one of mj's more popular friends
9 Which of these is not a sibling of mj's?
10 Which of these is mj's greatest selling albums?
11 Who stood on mjs left in the jackson 5
12 What song did MJ perform solo on Motown 25?
13 What song did mj perform in Captain EO?
14 What was the inspiration for PYT?
15 How many grammys did mj win for the thriller album?
16 What friend of mj's make an ppearance in black or white?