how much do u care for monica?? XD

this quiz tells u how much u care for me

1 if i was very sick, wud u come visit me??
2 if i asked u to help me, wud u be there to help no matter how hard it was??
3 if u had a choice, whether to die in order for me to live, wud u die??
4 do u think i am annoying?? be honest. .(idk how this relates to the test but i just need to throw this out!)
5 for the boys. . if i asked u to fight someone for me, will u fight that person no matter how fat or skinny he is??
6 for the girlies, if i told u that i wud call u everyday after my breakup to tell u how i feel, wud u listen no matter how annoying i get??
7 do u luv me??