Are you a good friend?

So people are always telling you how much they love you, but are they just saying that?

1 You've written a facebook wall post to someone you're very close to. At the end you add:
2 You've been dumped. People are trying to comfort you, but you're just not in the mood. You:
3 It's saturday, and you're bored. Your best mates are away on holiday, so you:
4 You and someone you "kind of" are friends with fancy the same person. But your crush asks your "kind of friend". You:
5 Go back to the last question. Now you're a year older and you're in the same situation - only with a different mate and YOU are asked out. You:
6 A family member of a close friend dies suddenly. You get asked to go to the funeral by your friend. You:
7 You've won a competition that entitles you to a photoshoot with a well-known magazine. You: