If u hav an admirer who soon will be ur boyfrend?

This quiz is about knowing if there is someone is admiring you and if in your future they will become your boyfriend laugh out loud x x x x x x

1 Have you ever had a boyfriend?
2 Whats the best thing that has ever happened to you ?
3 How old were you wen you first had a boyfriend ?
4 How many yrs hav you been out with the boyfriend?/x
5 Have you had a boyfriend for the same amount of yrs / wen you firast had one?
6 Are you both the same age at the mo?
7 Hav you ever tested your star signs on the romantic thing to see if you match?
8 So .... What was your results for the star signs ?
9 What do you think about the most ? BE HONEST!!!
10 Who do you think about the most?
11 What do u like the most about ur boyfriend and be honest?