How Well Do You Know 7th Heaven?

Test ur 7th Heaven knowledge!

1 What is Eric Camden's job?
2 Who is the oldest child Camden?
3 What is the name of Lucy's husband?
4 Which of Mary's ex-boyfriends live with the Camdens?
5 Which of the following children lost their twins before they were born?
6 What religion is Sarah?
7 What is the name of Lucy's baby?
8 Who is Lucy's first fiancee?
9 What religion are Ben and Kevin Kinkirk?
10 What job does Mary have?
11 Where does the family live?
12 Where does Annie's dad and step-mom live?
13 Where do Eric's parents live?
14 Who plays Kevin Kinkirk?
15 Who plays Lucy Camden?
16 Who plays Sandy?
17 Who plays Sam and David?