How Big A Movie Buff Are You?

This movie quiz will actually try to challenge you. It's a trivia quiz so it will test how closely you've paid attention!

1 In the movie, Titanic, Jack Dawson tells Rose Bukater DeWitt that he went ice fishing on Lake Wissota. Why could this not be true?(hint it IS a real place)
2 Who provided Mickey Mouse’s voice for the original release of Fantasia in 1940?
3 In "The Untouchables", In Kevin Costner's first scene as Eliot Ness, we see him reading a newspaper. Which newspaper is it?
4 What is unique about 2008's "The Dark Knight"?
5 Ralph Maccio plays Billy Gambini, whose full name is stated once in the movie. What is the character’s full name?
6 "Apollo 13" opens with another "Apollo" event. What is it?
7 For "Million Dollar Baby", Clint Eastwood was the only nominee for the Best Actor Oscar in 2005 to play a fictitious character. All four of the other nominees portrayed real people in their respective films.
8 What was the name of the actor who died during the filming of "Gladiator"?
9 How many Oscars did "Slumdog Millionaire" win?
10 Morgan Freeman won an Oscar for:
11 Which movie series had its 5th sequel 30 years after the release of its first film
12 What is the title of the first IMAX film?
13 Which company started first?
14 Which author has the most film adaptations of his works?
15 Which individual has won the most Oscars?