How Mega Asian Are You

Are you, semi asian, super asian, or asian asian... or non asian? Which one are You!

1 Are you Actually asian
2 Do you have a weird sense of Humor
3 What style of hair do you have
4 What colour hair do you have
5 Are/were you a downer at some stage of your life?
6 Do you Love Anime series such as pokemon, dragon ball z, bleach etc.
7 Do you do a martial Art?
8 Which of these IS an asian country?
9 Do you make people laugh... 24/7
10 Do you speak english Fluently?
11 Do you speak an asian language
12 Do you think this Quiz will tell if how asian you are at all?
13 What Does Konnichi Wa Mean?
14 Was this test, made by an asian
15 What does arigatoo mean?
16 Do you like Asian foods?
17 Did you enjoy this quiz?