How Annoyed At Your Maths Teacher Are You (me)
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How Annoyed At Your Maths Teacher Are You (me)

I know you are very peeved off at your maths teacher. Thats just what you get with maths teachers; hate. Is it 100% IMPOSSIBLE to get a good one. Its sad, i know, but shutup, its the truth. But....have you every wondered HOW much you hate them? Is it just a little stir of anger, or do you simply feel like killing them? Find out here!

1. How early are you to class?
2. How much does the maths teacher target you?
3. What do you get on your maths tests, assuming the score is out of 100.
4. How many detentions do you get from maths lessons every week?
5. How many girlfriends/boyfriends have you had, assuming you are age 13-17.
6. How often does you teacher scream, yell, cry or just generally get super-angry?
7. What do you do in class?
8. Finally, the ultimate decider: how many friends do you have? (This question tests your nerdyness or normalness)