How Annoyed At Your Maths Teacher Are You (me)

I know you are very peeved off at your maths teacher. Thats just what you get with maths teachers; hate. Is it 100% IMPOSSIBLE to get a good one. Its sad, i know, but shutup, its the truth. But....have you every wondered HOW much you hate them? Is it just a little stir of anger, or do you simply feel like killing them? Find out here!

1 How early are you to class?
2 How much does the maths teacher target you?
3 What do you get on your maths tests, assuming the score is out of 100.
4 How many detentions do you get from maths lessons every week?
5 How many girlfriends/boyfriends have you had, assuming you are age 13-17.
6 How often does you teacher scream, yell, cry or just generally get super-angry?
7 What do you do in class?
8 Finally, the ultimate decider: how many friends do you have? (This question tests your nerdyness or normalness)