Who will be the next person to ask you out? (Fem)

THIS IS THE VERSION OF THE QUIZ WHERE YOU WILL SEE WHO YOUR NEXT BOYFRIEND WILL BE. IF YOU ARE A MALE AND ARE INTERESTED IN WOMEN, TAKE THE MALE VERSION OF "WHO WILL BE THE NEXT PERSON TO ASK YOU OUT" (coming soon if not created yet) IF YOU ARE INTRESTED IN MEN, THIS IS THE RIGHT QUIZ FOR YOU (: Answer these questions truthfully to see what the name of the person that will be next to ask you on a date! (:

1 Which MOSTLY applys to you???
2 Have you ever had a boyfriend?
3 Random, but Pick One!
4 Where do you think the perfect date would be?
5 What kind of hair do you like your boyfriend to have?
6 What are your favorite colors?
7 How would you describe your looks?
8 What is your favorite quote out of the below?
9 (finish the sentence truthfully) I want a boyfriend that:
10 How long after being asked out do you want your first kiss with this boyfriend?