Hardest quiz ever made: Never will you pass
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Hardest quiz ever made: Never will you pass

Will you ever pass the hardest quiz of all time? If not your stupid!!!

1. Are lemons sour?
2. Is your pie named Bob?
3. What age did you stop trick or treating?
4. Do you think all people should be named Bob?
5. Do you like pie?
6. Why are you named what you are?
7. Are these questions hard?
8. Do you text?
9. Do you go on chat rooms?
10. Have you bought a snuggie? ( blanket with sleeves )
11. Do you lie to strangers if they ask '' do u like pie''
12. Was this a waste of your valuable time?
13. DO cats attack you like they do to me?
14. Promise you like pie?
15. How does pie make u feel?
16. have u ever been on doctor phil?
17. Everybody was kung fu fighting________________
18. Do you like the jonas brothers