Hardest quiz ever made: Never will you pass

Will you ever pass the hardest quiz of all time? If not your stupid!!!

1 Are lemons sour?
2 Is your pie named Bob?
3 What age did you stop trick or treating?
4 Do you think all people should be named Bob?
5 Do you like pie?
6 Why are you named what you are?
7 Are these questions hard?
8 Do you text?
9 Do you go on chat rooms?
10 Have you bought a snuggie? ( blanket with sleeves )
11 Do you lie to strangers if they ask '' do u like pie''
12 Was this a waste of your valuable time?
13 DO cats attack you like they do to me?
14 Promise you like pie?
15 How does pie make u feel?
16 have u ever been on doctor phil?
17 Everybody was kung fu fighting________________
18 Do you like the jonas brothers