The quiz that makes no sense at all

These questions make no sense and I don't expect anyone to understand these stupid questions

1 If the red house is on the left and the green house is on the left, why is the purple house on the left?
2 If the blue truck is left of the white truck and right of the purple car, what is 2+apple pie=7
3 What does 2+2 equal if 3-6546345=apple pie and 2+3=4
4 If a monster has 2 eyes, 2 ears, and 2 mouths, what is a tissue-cherries=222222222
5 What do stick figures like to eat if the computer tastes like chicken and apples are blue
6 if apples are blue and pears are guns, what is lemons=22222222222
7 If rpypjoskfdhgslkfj is an whoifwerglkjfahd, what is =poop
8 What do you do if an square is a circle