How good are you at Swimming?

for swimmers who know how to swim

1 Do you know how to turn at a wall?
2 For backstroke, do you start on the blocks or push off from the wall
3 when you go into a turn for breastroke, what do you do?
4 How many strokes should you take after you take off from the start?
5 Is the upper body more important, or the lower half when one is in a race?
6 Is higher the # better, or the lower for your times?
7 how many strokes are competed in a national competition?
8 What helps you swim faster in a race?
9 where should your head be for freestyle in a race?
10 how many yards do you swim during practice?
11 for breastroke, what do you do after you kick off from the wall
12 What is DPS?
13 For a guy, what should you wear during practice?
14 which stroke is the hardest?
15 most important thing about swimming?
16 When should the SPIT WALL BE USED?
17 How long is a high school pool?