How well do you know Stephanni Nelson

Do you know me? :)

1 What tutor group is Stephanni in?
2 If you Stephanni picked 3 songs off her ipod randomly, what would they be?
3 What is Stephanni's favourite?
4 What does Stephanni think of her French group?
5 Who does Stephanni think is alive?
6 What was stephanni's primary school called?
7 Where does Stephanni go in school at lunch and break usually?
8 What is stephanni's phobia
9 Who is Stephanni's favourite singer/band?
10 What are Stephanni's parents called
11 How many sisters does Stephanni have?
12 If you could give stephanni one, what would it be?
13 What does stephanni dislike most?
14 Do you like Stephanni?