What Vybz Kartel song is this?
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What Vybz Kartel song is this?

You will be quizzed on some lyrics of a song and you must name what song it is

1. "memba the 1st fuck..memba the 1st time that pussy hurt up"
2. "cause mi have fi wine pon di cocky like dis...kartel spin me like a.."
3. " Yo jeffrey Hyppe wet them up like a tsunami!!!..."
4. "wen di fucking glock beat!!!!, mi lef ya face wid ya brain pon di concrete.di shot way spray from di k measure 1 feet so mi fire 31 an lef bwoy wid one teett"
5. "Mi need mi family.. mi love u baby.."
6. "nuh long shot gal alone trace..mi buss bullet ina bowy face"
7. " barber embarrass him fans, mi cant believe him run wit him bands"