Doctor Who are you good enough to be the Doctor?

This is a quiz will tell you if your good enough to be the Doctor from the best tv show in the world Doctor Who.

1 if the world came under attack by aliens such as Daleks what would you do?
2 if k9s probe circuit jams what do you do to fix it?
3 how do you defeat a Dalek?
4 whats the name of the Doctors home planet?
5 Whats the doctors granddaughters name?
6 How do you defeat a Cyberman?
7 What special Task force did the Doctor work for in the early 70s during his exile on Earth?
8 What year did Doctor Who first come on to T.V?
9 What is the special name for the meaning of the TARDIS being bigger on the inside than the outside?
10 What was the name of the first person who played the Doctor?
11 What is the TARDIS Chameleon Circuit ment to do if it worked?
12 Whats the Doctors enemys name who is also from Gallifrey?
13 Which Doctor did K9 belong to?
14 Which Doctor who monster lived in the sea and was also abel to come out of it?
15 If a problem came up and people or aliens was the cause of it all how would you sort it out?