How fashion savvy are you?
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How fashion savvy are you?

How much do you know about fashion? Are you a shopping mall wanna-be or do are you a true runway fashionista? Find out here!

1. What are some of the hot trends of fall 09?
2. Who is the leading designer Chanel?
3. What does Marc Jacobs design for?
4. Which designer(s) has/have fabulous ready-to-wear shows for women?
5. Which designer(s) did black fantasticly in their fall 2009 show?
6. What is best to wear to an nice office job interview (fashionably, too)? Oh, and it's in May 2009
7. Where is the best fashion?
8. Who is Anna Wintour?
9. Which label do twins Dean and Dan design for?
10. What is your style?