how well do you know me?(:

take my quiz to see how well you know me(:

1 What is my middle name?
2 What is my favorite color?
3 How many siblings do i have, and what are his/her/their names?
4 what is my favorite animal?
5 What are my two favorite candies?
6 What kind of dog do i have,&what is his/her name?
7 what color eyes do i prefer in a guy?
8 what is my shoe size?
9 what do i hate most about my body?
10 when is my birthday and how old am i?
11 where are my two birthmarks?
12 what was i for halloween this year?
13 what kind of people do i HATE the most?
14 what school did i go to before LC?
15 what is my favorite stuffed animals name?