How well do you know me?

Do you really know who I am? What kind of person I turned out to be?

1 When was I born?
2 Who is my Ultimate Celebrity crush?
3 Do I usually wear my hair up or down?
4 Who is my College basketball team?
5 Which word's best describes me?
6 Am I a good cook?
7 What is my Favorite t.v. show?
8 What color are my ey's?
9 How many tattoo's do I have?
10 What do I do for a living?
11 Do I have any siblings?
12 What is my Favorite movie?
13 ON the weekend, if I can't be with my boyfriend , what do I like to do?
14 What color are my toes painted?
15 Am I in love with my boyfriend?
16 How long have I been with my boyfriend?
17 What is my middle name?