How "experienced" are you? [wink,wink]

How great of a lover are you? Extremely accurate scientific check-and-balance system will discover how great of a lover you really are!!1! Amazing some would say! Are you a [pre-pubescent; beginner; ENTERmediate; or Advanced] lover? Gender indiscriminate questions of overall knowledge.

1 What do you think about penis size.
2 How do you hit the G-spot?
3 How do you initiate sex.
4 Which fruit makes your dirty mind think of sex.
5 You got any homemade porn?
6 You're making love; Your partner winces, as if in pain. What do you do?
7 You're making love and about to climax; you....
8 What is sex for?
9 How strong would you say your pc muscle is?
10 What is the size of an average penis erection?
11 While making love, your partner farts. What do you do?
12 After sex, you...