How addictied to YoVille are you?

Find out how addicted to YoVille you are by taking this quick quiz!

1 What would you rate YoVile?
2 How did you find YoVille
3 What level are you in YoVille?
4 How many of your friends play it?
5 How many times do you think you have played YoVille in the past month?
6 What is your favorite food out of the following?
7 How many times a week do you exercise?
8 How old are you?
9 How overweight would you consider yourslef?
10 How long do you usually play YoVille for at a time
11 If you are playing YoVille and you are asked to do your chores, what do you say?
12 How good do you think you are at YoVille?
13 How much coins do you have on YoVille?
14 Do you pay to play? (get YoCash)
15 Do you complete offers to earn YoCash?